Melissa Barrett


Associate Concertmaster

Hometown: Livonia, Michigan Member of the Symphony: Since 1998; Associate Concertmaster since 1990


Melissa Barrett is a huge fan of James Taylor, recalling that when he played with the Symphony it was a ‘huge thrill.’

Tell us a little something about you?
I love my violin students and playing with my dachshund puppies, Pretzel and Peanut.

What would you do if you weren’t a musician?
It is hard to imagine doing anything else. Social work, or perhaps host “Wheel of Fortune”

What do you do in your spare time?
Play in the dirt(garden)-I even like pulling weeds.
Cook-usually out of an Italian cookbook
I enjoy true crime shows and cooking competition shows

Favorite thing about being a musician?
Expressing myself through music-it is one of my greatest joys.
Also, the mark on my neck from the violin-keeps people wondering.

What sports do you participate in?
Next question…

What is your favorite food?
That is easy-chocolate. Milk chocolate is my fave, but dark is good as well.

Favorite composer?
I cannot answer that question with one name. If forced, I would give a different answer each time. Here is today’s:
I enjoy practicing Bach, I enjoy listening to Brahms, and I enjoy performing Beethoven’s string quartets

What is on your i-pod?
Anything classical, or James Taylor

Bachelor of Music in performance from Michigan State University; Master of Performance and Literature from Eastman School of Music.