Peter and the Wolf - Family Concert

November 20

Sunday November 20 - 3:00 PM

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Program and Description

Nathan Aspinall, conductor

Molly Curry, First Lady of Jacksonville, narrator


VIET CUONG  ●  The Wild Woods

PROKOFIEV  ●  Peter and the Wolf, Op.67


Prokofiev's timeless tale, Peter and the Wolf, introduces children to the instruments of the symphony by using characters portrayed by various instruments of the orchestra! Coupled with the enchanting music of The Wild Woods, it's sure to be a musical zoo!


Family concert activities begin at 2:00 pm and includes our Instrument Zoo, crafts, games and fun for the whole family!



Viet Cuong (1991-

The Wild Woods (2016)


The Wild Woods was commissioned last year by Stephen Mulligan, Assistant Conductor of the Winston-Salem Symphony, and is a prologue to the Peter and the Wolf story.  It is set on the night before the events in the Prokofiev piece and presents the view from the Grandfather’s presence.


The music was inspired by the sounds of the night so listen for the horns howling at the moon, the violins croaking and the whole orchestra being transformed into an aviary at night.


Cuong, a 25-year-old composer has had works performed on six continents in such diverse settings as Carnegie Hall, Aspen Music Festival and Boston GuitarFest.  He received his MFA from Princeton University and is currently a PhD candidate at the school.  He also holds Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University.


Sergey Prokofiev (1891-1953)

Peter and the Wolf (1936)


Sergey Prokofiev was one of the famous 20th-century Russian composers who wrote in a wide range of musical genres.  Born in a small village, Prokofiev learned the piano from his mother and went on to study in St. Petersburg where he was awarded the Anton Rubinstein Prize in piano.


He studied the works of fellow Russian Igor Stravinsky but was also attracted to the work of modernist Russian poets, Russian paintings by the followers of Cézanne and Picasso and the great ballet impresario Serge Diaghilev.


A world traveler he became one of the leading figures of Soviet culture in 1933-35. During those years he wrote the ballet Romeo and Juliet and Peter and the Wolf.


The classic story of Peter and the Wolf revolves around a creative young boy, a bird, a duck, a cat and, of course, a wolf.  The boy disobeys his grandfather and heads out to the green meadow where he spies a bird chirping. The duck soon enters the scene as does the cat. The wolf makes life difficult for the animals but Peter figures out a way to come to the rescue.

The Instrument Zoo

The care and feeding of music and young minds

The Jacksonville Symphony Guild and ARIAS (Amelia Residents in Action for the Symphony) host Instrument Zoos in the Times-Union Center and schools throughout the Jacksonville Area. At these Zoos young and old alike are given the chance to try their hand at playing the instruments the Symphony plays onstage from the harp to the clarinet to the violin to the percussion. The sounds they create are matched only by the joy on their faces.

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